We’re NOT just another cosmetic brand.
And we can prove it.

YofiNG is All About the Experience.

We take into account the flaws of other cosmetic brands
and work on avoiding them in our products.
We also use the experience of generations, giving the new
birth to the generally recognized ingredients.

YofiNG Means
Unique Ingredients Combinations.

We know how to make the most tricky ingredients work together for the benefit of our customers. The Dead Sea minerals, natural oils, valuable extracts from one side, the newest discoveries in skincare — from another side. We know how to make them achieve synergy.

An extensive product range

We’ve worked to fill every possible need. Our product lines include collections for hair care, skincare, and wellness. And we don’t plan to stop.

Informational Support

We provide complete information support for our professional clients. We know how hard it is to switch to a new product line and what questions may appear. We are ready to answer them.

Timely deliveries

We know how to forecast the demand so that we always have the necessary product quantities available. Combined with a refined logistics system this makes our delivery system very prompt and convenient

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