Which restorative hair serum is better

Healthy and shiny hair is a beauty and not just for women. But it’s a job to always keep it that way. Aside from pollution, it is also compromised by modern colors of various types. If before the dye was used only to cover gray hair, now – to express one’s personality. All this makes the hair worse and a solution to regenerate it can be the serum.

To know

To understand if your hair needs a regenerating serum, let’s find out more about this product. Also because it has various types and can be used for different purposes.

Types of serums

Damaged hair needs the various components for fast regeneration. It all depends on their condition and the causes that caused the damage. Any problem can be solved by means of the regenerating serum.

Here are the main types of serums:

  • For growth. The composition of these serums includes ingredients that mildly irritate the scalp thereby waking up the dormant hair follicles and prompting them to produce cells.
  • For smoothing. They heal well the imperfections of the keratin layer of the hair and at the same time nourish it. They often contain silicone or liquid keratin.
  • For reinforcement. Hair becomes brittle when it suffers from a lack of necessary microelements or when the production of collagen and elastin is not sufficient. The serum compensates for this, thus restoring elasticity and flexibility to the hair.
  • For hydration. It often contains aloe extract, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and lanolin. Helps lock water inside the stem and prevents dryness.
  • For shine. They are rich in natural lightened oils, sometimes they contain the illuminating particles or pearl powder.

The professional serums of world brands in addition to vitamins and plant extracts contain patented complex formulations specially developed for fast regeneration even of very damaged hair, for example Express Repair Spray helps strengthen, moisturize and restore the weakest and most damaged hair.

From the first application, you will see an immediate effect on your hair. 

  • More volume is created;
  • Elasticity and flexibility returns;
  • The hair lends itself better to a fold and holds it better;
  • Combing is easier;
  • The hair hydrates and shines;
  • The hair is smoother and more silky.


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